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We thank the following Grantors and Exhibitors for their support in helping to make this conference possible.


Novo Nordisk
Novo Nordisk is a health care company with an 89-year history of innovation and achievement in diabetes care. Novo Nordisk is Changing Diabetes® by helping to improve diabetes care through partnerships, research, products and services that make a significant difference to patients, the medical profession and society at large. Our portfolio of diabetes pharmaceuticals and delivery systems is the most comprehensive available and now includes the first human glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) analog for the treatment of diabetes. For more information visit www.novonordisk-us.com or call (609) 987-5800.


Accretive PAS®
Accretive PAS® provides medical necessity compliance solutions to U.S. Hospitals. We pair our highly trained physician advisors with the physicians and case managers of our hospital partners to improve revenue integrity and mitigate compliance risk. Our physician advisors collaborate directly with hospital physicians and case managers, using their in-depth training in evidence-based literature, industry expertise and dedication to help hospitals navigate the path toward complaint revenue.

For more information visit www.accretivehealth.com/pas.

Apixio provides integration, search and analytics solutions for clinical and billing information. Our solution, called Clinical Knowledge Exchange (CKX), enables organizations to achieve quality, revenue and cost objectives by making information actionable. CKX makes use of machine learning, semantic analysis, OCR technologies to deliver pertinent information to physicians, care managers, billers and mission critical systems (e.g. CDS and quality reporting). Apixio's cloud based solution is seamlessly integrated with several industry leading EHR and HIT products. www.apixio.com.

Davis Wright Tremaine
Those of us in the Davis Wright Tremaine health care practice group devote nearly all of our time to industry-specific matters. This allows us to develop niche practices within the field that serve needs unique to the health care market. We also understand the business issues and regulatory developments that affect health care delivery and compliance, and as a unified team we can match the attorney with the niche expertise that best addresses client needs. For more information visit our website at www.DWT.com.

Executive Health Resources® (EHR)
Executive Health Resources®, (EHR), The Physician Advisor Company®, is the leading provider of medical necessity compliance solutions to more than 2,000 hospitals and health systems across the country. Endorsed by the American Hospital Association and Peer Reviewed by the Healthcare Financial Management Association, EHR's comprehensive solutions are delivered through expert Physician Advisors who are specially-trained in Medicare/Medicaid rules and regulations relating to medical necessity and have real-time access to EHR's database of more than 4 million validated medical necessity reviews. The unmatched intelligence generated from this database of medical necessity reviews and EHR's extensive library of clinical and regulatory evidence-based research is delivered directly to each EHR Physician Advisor through a unique and scalable workflow technology platform known as EHRic™ (EHR Information Center). The platform helps to ensure accurate, timely and defensible medical necessity recommendations in a rapid turn-around setting and drives EHR's leading quality assurance, analytics, and customized reporting offerings. Learn more about EHR at www.ehrdocs.com.

Post-Acute Advisors
Post Acute Advisors has over 20 years of hospital management and administration experience and specialty expertise in post acute healthcare. Our capabilities include 14 years of consulting experience specializing in post acute care and compliance and 20 years experience in post acute accreditation. We are uniquely positioned to decrease your compliance risk and improve your clinical operation infrastructure to ensure a continued focus on delivering quality care. For more information visit our website at www.postacuteadvisors.com.


Hancock, Daniel, Johnson & Nagle, PC
At Hancock, Daniel, Johnson, & Nagle, our extensive and in depth understanding of healthcare gives us the ability to personally walk you through the many facets of the legal and regulatory issues affecting healthcare. Our expertise, paired with an honest, cost-effective, innovative approach, allows us to help you maintain a competitive foothold in an ever-changing, unpredictable industry. For more information visit www.hdjn.com.

Founded in 1974, HMS provides a comprehensive portfolio of clinical and financial services to help stakeholders comply with state and Federal regulations governing the prevention of healthcare fraud, waste, and abuse. With over 30 years of experience with the Medicaid and Medicare programs, HMS has developed technology and processes designed to maximize the effectiveness of the recovery audit process while reducing the burden on stakeholders. HMS's audit approach includes education in the prevention of overpayments as well as a web-based Provider Portal for providers.

HMS employs Chief Medical Officers, physicians, certified coding professionals, and Registered Nurses. The company's audit expertise spans all service types, including hospital, long term care, pharmacy, DME, and behavioral health. In 2011 HMS recovered over $2 billion for clients and generated an additional $7 billion in cost avoidance savings.

For more information visit www.hms.com, call (212) 857-5000 or email info@hms.com.


Axial Exchange
Axial Exchange is dedicated to helping the country move towards patient centric, performance based health care. Today, we address the critical problem of unplanned hospital re-admissions that costs our country over $25B yearly through our award-winning Axial Care Transition Suite™. By creating a circle of care for each patient which includes both their health care professionals and their family members, we keep everyone up to date with the most pertinent, timely information as they move from the hospital system back to normal life. We help engage the patient and their caregivers to have a better understanding of their condition and their care plan before they leave the hospital which, based on clinical studies, has been shown to reduce readmission rates and costs up to 30%. For more information contact us at jrohde@axialexchange.com or call (919) 345-0915 to visit our website go to www.axialexchange.com.

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